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 Truck Mixer - Concrete Pump
 Truck Mixer - Concrete Pump
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Concrete Pump and Truck mixer is the indispensable part of the ready mix and construction sectors.These machines increase the quality and effective working time in construction sector. MDZ Machinery Ltd is the producer and the exporter of spare parts for concrete pumps and truck mixers for 10 years. MDZ Machinery is serving in time and without any mising items to the clients and by this way, customers are satisfied with our activities. By aiming to be an institutional firm in which continous renovation, MDZ Machinery will be a trustable partner for their customers.The most of the parts for  Truck mixer and concrete pump are manufacturing in our own factory. Concrete Pump elbows,reducers,couplings,wear rings,Truck mixer water pumps ,Truck mixer drum rollers,chute,Mechanical and Hydraulic jacks,gears  are some of our products.MDZ Machinery has a large customer portfolio in Turkey and  abroad .Germany,France,Spain,Poland,Tunusia,Jordan,Saudi Arabia..etc are some of countries that We are exporting our products to.Our target and mision is always increasing our production quality and put its mark in the sector by using high technology, innonative and professional production approach.